Our Church Vision

From a global perspective, the church, His body, is in the world today to accomplish His purpose. However, each local church throughout the world has a particular calling and purpose, making it unique in its functions of ministry much like the parts of the human body differ in form and function (1 Cor. 12: 12-26) As the pastor for a local assembly receives insight and vision into God's specific calling and vision for that body, the church must begin to move toward fulfilling God's call.

With God's, help we believe God has called ALCC to accomplish these goals:

  • Loving Witnesses: To establish a body of believers as a strong Christian witness to this community and surrounding area, emphasizing a love for God above all things in this world, and to love all people above ourselves as taught by Jesus Christ. (Matt. 5:16/Rom. 12:2/Matt. 22: 37-39)
  • Evangelism: To spread the message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ through personal and practical evangelism. (Rom. 10: 14-15)
  • Discipleship: To train God's people in their individual gifts and callings through personal discipleship and practical ministry in the church. (II Tim. 2:1-2)
  • Missions: To establish an emphasis on local and world missions through the giving of time and finances, and to initiate short missions trips to foreign lands. (Mark 16:15)

It is the goal and mission of Abundant Life Community Church to:

  • Establish the church as a strong Christian witness in the community,
  • To lovingly and consistently care for the people of the church and community and,
  • To train and disciple believers to serve in the ministry of the church and beyond.

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